Depend on the Lord in whatever you do, and your plans will succeed . . . Proverbs 16:3

Seafaring Inspirational Romance

Prize of My Heart

Vision of Hope

The Promise Keeper


It's not whether you come from a past that's shattered,
But where you are going that really matters.
Look toward the light and press toward your goal,
Don't be fearful, be determined and bold.
Never look back; there's nothing left there.
Look ahead with love to riches none can compare.
The length of our days is known to no man.
It's revealed only to God, lying in the palm of his hand.
So pick yourself up and walk towards the door.
Storm right through it and remember no more.
Look ahead with boldness and pride.
Kill that fear that lies deep inside.
The road is long and narrow but leads to success.
You'll come to its end finding love, confidence and tenderness.

Fear knocked on the door.

Faith answered.

And there was no one there.

Thank you for visiting my online home.  Here I'll share a bit about myself and the books I write and hopefully you'll leave with a smile and even carry away a snippet or two of faith filled encouragement.

A poem by Caroline Norato

Lisa Norato


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