About Lisa

A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals . . . Proverbs 12:10

I loved painting by number as a child.  My mom still displays an oil painting I completed at 11 years old. When I saw this kit at a craft store - the lighthouse scene with its vibrant colors and beautiful sky - I was moved to pick up the brush again.  I'm so happy to have rediscovered this fun, absorbing and relaxing hobby.

Lisa Norato first discovered a love of writing when assigned to author and illustrate a children’s book at the fine art’s college she was attending.  She eventually abandoned the art career, but returned to writing.  Today, she is employed as a legal assistant in the field of corporate law.
Lisa writes Christian historical romance, time travel and contemporary romance. Her Sea Heroes of Duxbury series features seafaring novels of suspense and adventure set during New England's federal era.  Currently, she is busy working on a wholesome, small town romance series inspired by the Rhode Island village she calls home, a historic neighborhood featuring a variety of house styles and churches dating as far back as the eighteenth century.
On cold, winter days, she enjoys cooking from her collection of favorite soup recipes or attempting to duplicate delicious Italian dishes handed down by her grandmother Victoria. When not writing, she relaxes by watching one of her many favorite television shows, completing a paint-by-numbers project or taking a walk with her precious Yorkie-poo. 

Meet Chaka

A Rediscovered Love For An Old Hobby

Chaka spends most of her day sitting in her comfy chair watching happenings on the street through the living room window. Other days she spends visiting her Grammy and Grampy. She also enjoys chasing rabbits from her backyard, barking at neighborhood cats, and car rides with the wind in her face as she sticks her head out the window. Chaka is always up for a good adventure and loves to be on the go. She is a blessing from God...a true gift.

Chaka was born April 26, 2001. She is a five  pound yorkshire terrier-poodle mix with a sweet, sensitive soul. Her favorite pastime is going for long walks.